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Do you need to communicate in English?

Does your business need to send information about products and services to an international audience? Are you confident that your English language messages will be correctly understood? Are you certain that your clients will act on the information as you intended?

Reach native and non-native English speakers with ease

The clarity of your information plays a vital role when communicating with customers and consumers in any language. But making an impact using the English language can be a challenge for European businesses.

Why does this matter?

  • Confusion casts doubt – If information is not clear then consumers may reject your product or service; they might feel confused by ambiguous language and doubt your team’s professionalism.
  • You could miss out on profitable opportunities – Your English content should be as persuasive as the content that you create in your native language. If it is not, you risk missing international sales and partnership opportunities.
  • Simplicity aids understanding – Business English should be simple and easy to understand. Your audience may use English to communicate, but they may not be native-English speakers.

If you want your business to be competitive in the international English-speaking community, then you need to make sure that your English communication is crystal clear for your target audience.

I can help you

  • Broad skills and knowledge – My capabilities span copywriting; editing; business writing; social media content; annual reports; proposal writing; tender submissions; case studies; industry award submissions; letters, forms, factsheets and flyers; marketing collateral; press releases; speech writing for executives and CEO newsletters.
  • International experience – Living and working in the UK, Europe, Asia, Australia and the Middle East has helped me to develop a cultural awareness of how English is used in different markets.
  • Skilled editor – I can work with you or your team to make sure your international communications are as compelling as your local messages.
  • Jargon expert – Editing industry jargon into simple and clear English is my speciality.

Contact me to discuss your English communication challenges and find out how I can help.

About Leanne Mills

  • I have 30 years of international experience in marketing, communications and editing.
  • I spent 20 years as a leader in investment banks, pension funds and wealth management companies.
  • I have been a business writer since 2008 and I am the founder of Writeability, a copywriting agency with a global client list.
  • In 2012, I co-authored a book about the importance of Strategic Internal Communications. This publication delves into the importance of maximizing the impact of your message and is relevant for internally or externally focused communication.
  • Previous clients have operated their businesses in banking, hospitality, superannuation, mining, health, training, PR & publishing, executive coaching, not-for-profit and government sectors. Read what they have said about the communications support I have provided.
Leanne Mills | Copywriter, Copy editor, The English Wordsmith

Client references

Leanne partnered with Absolute Pilots in 2021 to create the English language content for our new website. She adopted a very methodical approach which gave us comfort that we were in the hands of a professional copywriter. She took the time to understand our business, our people, our services and our target clients, and the words she supplied have set the benchmark for all our written communications. Leanne now manages all our Social Media channels and writes monthly blog posts. We are delighted with the invaluable support she provides us.

Michael Riesel

CEO & Chief Pilot, Absolute Pilots Flight School, Austria

Leanne’s professional no-nonsense approach to writing web and LinkedIn articles for us was very refreshing. She turned the work around promptly and was great to work with.

Verena Charvet

Managing Director, Merlys, UK

Today I had the great pleasure to work with the talented Leanne Mills on my branding, audience, and future direction. Leanne did a fabulous job of keeping my ideas in check without constraining me, and she even brought a massive flip chart into my kitchen!

I was able to “let go” of a few things, refine some of my thinking thanks to her insightful questions, and now it’s full-steam ahead.

If you’re looking for a safe pair of hands for your annual or semi-annual “think”, look no further than Leanne.

Suzanne Whitby

Founder, Whitby's, Austria

Alpen-EDV is a small business of IT technicians with zero marketing skills! We met Leanne Mills and instantly felt that she understood what we wanted to achieve with our Social Media and customer engagement. Leanne hosted two workshops and asked us very pertinent questions to uncover our true USP. She then produced a comprehensive marketing strategy and plan, including recommendations for Social Media conversation topics which we valued highly. I recommend Leanne Mills to any small business needing help with customer communications.

Christoph Weiler

CEO, Alpen-EDV, Austria

Whitby's Sustainability

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